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York Abdominal Course

Culture of the Abdomen by an Olympic Weightlifting Coach

by Bob Hoffman -- Year Unknown

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The most important muscles of the body and also the most neglected are the muscles of the midsection.  These include the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the lower back and sides.  The vast majority of civilized people do not exercise the muscles of the mid section at all and even those who follow exercise programs of various sorts, rarely, if at all, perform special exercises for the mid section.  The muscles of the limbs, particularly the arms, receive the Lion's share of attention in the majority of exercise programs.  Light exercise systems invariably include innumerable arm and shoulder exercises.  Too often more advance methods of training with elastic exercisers of all sorts, dumbbell training with flat or inclined bench and pulley exercisers do not include a ingle side or abdominal developing exercise.  The courses most bodybuilders follow are usually designed only to build the muscle of the extremities, with little thought given to building internal or organic strength with the super health which is sure to accompany it.

W have always believed in the axiom that any exercise is better than no exercise but to obtain the most from your physical training you should follow a good all around program designed to develop all the important muscles of the body, particularly the midsection.  Too many bodybuilders are interested only in developing muscles which look good, which attract favorable attention with little thought to the practical use of those super developed muscles or of the building of vital power.  We spend our lives here at York urging people to make progressive training with graded resistance, barbells, dumbbells, swing-bells, elastic exercises, a part of their lives. We constantly urge all ambitious bodybuilders to do what you should first and then to to do what one wants to do.  And what one should do, regardless of one's ambition, is to practice a good all-around training program before specializing in developing the arms, chest, shoulders, upper back, latissimus etc. , etc.  Every York course, the various dumbbell, swing bell, and barbell courses, includes some exercises for the midsection.  These exercises should never be neglected. For exercises which involve the midsection not only strengthen the muscles which keep your body erect, make you a man instead of a beast, the muscles which hold in place and protect the important organs, glands and processes, the engines fo the body, but they stimulate and improve very internal process and regardless if why you exercise or how you exercise., what you seek to accomplish through exercise, whether your desire is to keep fit in the easiest and quickest possible way, whether you desire the limit in strength and development, whether you want to be a champion weight lifter or a physique contest winner, abdominal exercises should be a part of your training program.

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We have always believed n the axiom that any exercise is better than no exercise but to obtain the most from your physical training you should follow a good all around program

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