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Weight Lifting and Weight Training - Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine

Weight training for boys (i)

Although the best results from weight training can be obtained by starting at an early age, I don't think it is wise to start too young. A lot will depend on the boy. Anyone who matures early and is perhaps above average in height and weight can start weight training at an earlier age than is normal.

My own view is that from about the age of ten or eleven a boy should indulge for a few years in normal sporting activities such as football, baseball, swimming, cycling, running, etc.

This activity will develop qualities of stamina, mobility, coordination, balance, etc., by the time a boy has reached the middle teens, he can think of specializing at one particular activity at which he seems naturally gifted or which he particularly enjoys.

Many boys, of course, are quite content to dabble in various activities and show no desire to specialize. Perhaps for most youngsters this is the best outlook and often one which brings the greatest enjoyment. But for a boy ambitious enough to want really to excel at any particular sport or game, or who shows a special aptitude and potential, specialization is essential because in these days of fierce competitions, only the dedicated specialist can hope to reach the top.

Many young boys will show and interest in building a good physique. Others may wish to develop extra strength to help them at their chosen sport.

One important point has to be watched when youngsters start bodybuilding. Their youthful enthusiasm often tends to make them over ambitious and they want to progress too fast.

I am no believer in rushing things for the very young, so they must be watched carefully, with their programs scheduled to carry them along at a steady, controlled pace. Poundages used must be on the light side and any attempt on their part to pile on the weight too much and too often must be curbed.

The principles for progression must be followed, but at a reasonable and sane rate. Proper instruction must be given in the methods of performing the various movements.

With these provisions I have nothing against weight training for the young teenager and indeed recommend it as a very fine outlet for his physical ambitions.

Weight training for the older man (ii)

The old idea of being "too old at forty" has largely died out. Nevertheless, there is still a school of thought that believes exercise, games and sports are strictly for the youngsters, and that any form of physical activity for those approaching midlife age is unnecessary and perhaps even dangerous. Actually it is just as necessary to exercise at forty as it is at fourteen. Just as necessary at sixty as at sixteen.

Exercise; in some form is essential throughout life if one wants complete fitness. But naturally it must differ in its nature at various ages.

From a bodybuilding point of view, the most active and result-producing period is probably between the ages of sixteen and thirty. But this is only a broad average. Many people don't start bodybuilding until they are in their late teens or during their twenties. Some start even later.

Then there is the question of how long one should continue bodybuilding -- at whatever age one starts.

If a start has been made at the average age of sixteen or seventeen, then maximum development has generally been reached at about twenty-five or thirty, depending on what effort one has put into it. But there is no reason why one should stop exercising, even if no further progress can be made in muscular gains. Good health is far more important, and continued exercise, combined with good food and living habits, is an important factor in maintaining robust health throughout life.

For one who starts at a later age, maybe in the late twenties or even the thirties, the same results cannot reasonably be expected. Nevertheless, I know of literally hundreds of instances where excellent progress has been made by older people.\

It is never too late to start But the later it is, the more care one must take. An older man who has led a life of comparative idleness and then suddenly decides to start bodybuilding cannot expect to plunge into this with the same intensity and enthusiasm of a younger man, nor can he expect to achieve the same results. Muscles that have been dormant for may years will rebel when suddenly called on to be active in a vigorous way.

So older men who start out on a bodybuilding program must proceed with caution.

First, perhaps a period of a few weeks on freestanding exercises, then a bodybuilding schedule with very light weights, combined with some specialized work on the abdominals, which most likely will have been neglected.

Progress can be made in the normal way, adding to the weights used as strength is gained -- although this progress need not be forced quite so much as in the case of the younger man.

Most older men who do decide to practice weight training will probably be more interested in building a reasonable physique and in improving their general health rather than in concentrating on building maximum development.

Workouts should be of a fairly short duration -- say 45 minutes to an hour -- using six or seven exercises of an all-round nature.

Special attention should be given to the abdominals and the legs. The abdominals, because a firm and trim mid-section is one of the main essentials to good health; and the legs, because vigorous activity of these vital body parts keep one nimble -- which is an increasing necessity as the years pass. Also, leg activity in the way of the various forms of Squats ia valuable in giving greater efficiency to the vital heart and lungs.

It will be reassuring to the older man to know that medical opinion is becoming more and more on the side of exercise. Doctors are calling exercise good medicine -- good or the heart and good for a long life.

Dr. Paul D. White, one of the world's leading heart specialists, says: "The general warning to stop vigorous exercise at forty seems to me to be ridiculous and more likely than not, actually to lead to an increase of coronary arteriosclerosis.

It is true enough that heart disease is not the leading killer of Americans. But heart experts find that half the heart attacks come during sleep and only about 2 percent happen during severe exertion. There are the cases that get publicity and blame sports for causing heart attacks."

"One of the biggest mistaken notions", Dr. Klumpp, another medical expert, says: "is that heart attacks are due to hard work, excesses, over exercise and the tempo of modern living. On all sides we are bombarded with the advice "take it easy, don't work so hard, slow down. Do you want to kill yourself? Remember, you're not as young as you used to be."

"It is mostly too much and not enough exercise that contributes heavily to heart attacks. Any slackening of activity leads very quickly to atrophy or degeneration. The atrophy of disuse, both mental and physical, is the most insidious and, in my opinion, the most deadly disease known to man. We don't wear out, we rust out."

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