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Weight Lifting and Weight Training - Chapter 5

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Chapter Five

Home or club training?

Most people who start bodybuilding do so because of their underdeveloped physical condition and for many, this brings a problem. These are the people who hesitate to join a bodybuilding club because they are extremely self-conscious about their physical appearance and do not relish the idea of stripping off in front of others. This ia a natural and easily understandable problem. But it should not be allowed to deter anyone from starting on a program of bodybuilding.

Although I believe quicker and better progress can be made by training at a club, where one can get instruction from more experienced members and often inspiration from others who have well-developed bodies, there is no reason at all why shy and self-conscious people shouldn't train in the privacy of their own homes. Indeed, for many it might well prove to be the best thing to do -- at least in the first months of training.

A beginner's schedule of exercise usually comprises simple and uncomplicated movements that require a minimum of technical skill to execute -- unlike competitive weightlifting with its movements requiring supervision by a competent instructor. Bodybuilding movements, too, generally can be performed with less risk and in a smaller space that weightlifting. But many people training at home in private simply because they prefer to do it that way, having an inherent dislike of clubs and associations. Indeed, I would say there are more people training with weights outside of clubs than there are inside.

The dangers of training by yourself are:

  1. You can easily practice the movement in a casual sort of way that doesn't bring maximum benefit. In a club, under instruction, this can be avoided.
  2. Over- ambitious trainees might struggle with too-heavy weights in a manner that can be risky -- or even use too-light weights that can be largely a waste of time.
  3. Training sessions can be missed altogether if you aren't perhaps feeling up to par, or even just lazy.

When you belong to a club, there is a feeling of responsibility that often compels you to attend. This is an important point, because even if you sometimes don't feel like training once you have got to to the club and started, the listless or tired feeling usually goes.

Another advantage of club training is that you don't have to purchase equipment. At a club it is there for you to use. All you pay is your club fees -- generally on a very modest scale.

It all boils down to a matter of individual choice. My advice is: join a club if you possibly can. If you live in an area where there is no nearby club, then you may have to train at home. If you do,then consider the possibility of teaming up with one or two partners. The expenses of buying equipment can be shared and you will at least have some of the advantages of club training -- companionship, shared interests and maybe some inspiration from a more advanced partner.

Essential Equipment
One valuable asset of weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment is that it virtually never wears out -- it will last you a lifetime.

It is best to obtain as much weight as you can afford, as once you have started bodybuilding and made some progress, poundages of up to 300 lb. or more will soon be handled in some of the heavier movements, even by an average bodybuilder.

I would say that an absolute minimum for effective results is 150 lb. of discs, together with a barbell and two dumbbell rods, a pair of squat stands and a bench. Iron boots for leg work are useful too, although not entirely essential.

Preferably the barbell should be a minimum of 5 ft. in length and it is better if it can be fitted with a revolving sleeve. Four collars will be needed for your barbell.

The dumbbell rods should be a minimum of 1 foot, with a center sleeve and two collars on each.

Plates range from 1 1/2 lb. up to 50 lb., thus: 1 1/4, 2 1/2, 5, 10, 15, 25 and 50 lb.

Generally, sets can be bought in ranges of 90 lb., 120 lb., 150 lb. and so on, with a varied assortment of discs. But additional discs can be bought separately from time to time to add to your total weight.

Squat stands are a MUST, especially for home training, as they enable the Squat to be practiced in safety and without the need to employ two assistants to help in placing the barbell on the shoulders.

A bench for pressing is important, too, as this movement is used in most schedules. If it is possible to obtain a bench with fitted stands, so much the better, as the weight can then be handled without requiring the assistance of anyone else.

A small wooden platform is useful and will save any possible damage to linoleum, carpets or floorboards. For general training, a size of about 7 ft. square will be sufficient, although if space and cash permit, a larger one is better.

It is essential to keep warm when training -- and a track suit is best for this purpose when the temperature demands. If you can work stripped, with just a pair of trunks and sports boots or shoes, it is preferable for freedom of movement, but don't neglect keeping warm just for this purpose.

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