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Weight Lifting and Weight Training - Chapter 4

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Chapter Four

Eating for health and strength

There is not doubt that a man's food is on e of the most important things in his life. Like breathing and sleeping it is something we cannot do without, and, in effect we are what we eat.

We need food from the moment we are born until the day we die, yet it is amazing how most people pay little regard to what they eat. They will take extreme care over choosing a new suit, a camera or a car. but often little or no thought is given to the very thing that keeps them alive. For, make no mistake about it, the choice of the right food can make all the difference between average health and the very much rarer robust, abounding health, and for the physical culturist and the bodybuilder, diet is just as important as training.

Food affects the nutrition of the largest muscle and the thinnest fiber. it affects the quality of blood and the health of the skin,. In fact, every body process is ultimately dependent on food for its efficient functioning.

Sound nutrition demands a balanced diet, in which all the essential nutrients are present in adequate quantities.

First, let us consider calories. A calorie is a unit of energy, and an average man needs about 1,800 daily just to keep the basic functions of life ticking over -- the hear-beat, the lung expansion and recoil, the digestive processes and so on. In addition, he needs extra calories for walking about, working and other physical activities and more strenuous his work or activities, the more calories he needs.

The most important aspect of eating is: take in enough of the right foods.

We need protein for rebuilding body cells which are constantly being destroyed and the bodybuilder, with his more than average amount of exercise, needs protein much more than the man who rarely exercises.

We need fat as a reserve source of energy and for warmth; carbohydrate for energy; mineral salts to regulate body processes; vitamins to ensure the efficient absorption of food and for protective functions; and of course, water.

We get protein from flesh foods: meat, game and poultry; also from eggs, cheese, butter, milk, etc.

Animal protein as we eat it is not really suitable for use in building up human tissue, but is converted during digestion into a form acceptable to the human body. This involves changes in chemical structure, the final result being an aggregation of amino-acids (the basic form of protein constituents) which are used by the body as required.

Generally, flesh foods are richer than vegetable protein.

During heavy exercise the need for protein is increased. The size of a man, too, determines his need for protein. The larger he is, the more he needs.

Carbohydrate is the principal energy food and includes starches and sugars -- such things as oat meal, syrup, bread, potatoes and dates -- and provides about the same number of calories to the ounce as protein.

The digestive processes ultimately convert all sugar and starch into glucose (blood sugar), in which form it enters the blood stream for distribution to the muscles.

When very arduous or lengthy exercise is being undertaken it is advisable to increase your intake of glucose or sugar. Take this on the day before the event, making the last meal an evening one, with plenty of carbohydrate, preferably about two hours before retiring for the night to enable it to digest properly before going to sleep.

During sleep this extra energy will be stored in the muscles and liver. a good breakfast will increase the store; then take a light lunch before your event or session of activity.

Fat is contained in such foods as butter, eggs, cheese, nuts, met and fish.

The maximum assimilation of fat does not occur for about six hours, as it is not an ideal nutrient for quick energy -- despite its high caloric content.

Remember, too, that for complete combustion of fat, carbohydrate must be present, or else acidosis may result.

Vitamins have a marked influence on health, and while most of us get enough to remain free from the worst effects of vitamin deficiencies most adults do not get enough.

There are far too many people who lack the energy, vitality and positive health that only vitamin saturation promotes.

You can get vitamins in their synthesized and pure form, but it is much better to get them by eating plenty of the vitamin rich foods. By doing so you also get other nutrients. Food chemists have isolated a whole alphabet of vitamins, but by concentrating on the half-dozen or so major ones, you will get all you need.

Vitamin A is essential for growth and plays an important part in the way the eyes react to light. It also performs a protective function in the skin, particularly in connection with the mucous membranes for the eyes, respiratory tract and throat. The body can store this vitamin, too, if it gets more than it needs at the time.

Certain fats and fatty foods contain this vitamin but the most potent source is found in halibut-liver oil after that, cod-liver oil. Other good sources are in carrots, spinach, ox liver, dried apricots, peaches and butter.

In terms of health and strength, the most significant of the vitamins is the B group, called "B complex," which are essential for healthy nerves, sturdy growth and the release of energy form carbohydrate food.

The harder you work the more B-1 you need. Include in your diet plenty of wholemeal bread, beef, mutton, liver, kidney, green peas, oatmeal, bacon and milk. White bread has a poor vitamin B content and sugar none at all.

Vitamin C is essential to keep the tissues firm and elastic and the body young and agile. Poor energy, vague ill-health, sallow complexion, restlessness and a run-down feeling are all indications of a lack of vitamin C.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. Don't live largely on cooked and prepared foods; otherwise you will not be getting enough Vitamin C. Much of this vitamin is lost through cooking processes.

Vitamin D
Puts calcium and phosphorous to work in making good bones, teeth and tissue, keeps the heart strong and the nerves resilient.

Spend a little time each day, whenever possible, sunbathing. Your skin contains a complex substance which works with sunlight to provide your Vitamin D. In the winter, or when it isn't possible to sunbathe, use a sun lamp, or take a fish-lover oil concentrate. In your food you get this vitamin in eggs, milk, butter and mushrooms.

Weight Control
If you eat more food than is required for energy purposes, the surplus is stored as fat and remains as such until it is removed by either increased exercising or by dieting.

If not enough food is taken for energy purposes, then body flesh is consumed to provide energy and the bodyweight is reduced.

If your food intake is balanced with your energy output, then your bodyweight is kept steady.

Losing weight by means of exercise is not too easy and some form of dieting is essential.

The first step is to reduce your total calorie intake by cutting down on some of the carbohydrate foods such as chocolate, sweets, pastry and shop cakes. In any case, these are more or less luxury foods.

After a few weeks, some effect should be noticed. But if this is negligible, cut down on bread and butter, omit sugar from your tea or coffee and don't eat any fried food.

This should ensure some noticeable reduction of bodyweight.

For weight gaining,, eat as much as possible, especially eggs, cheese, butter, poultry, meat and sugar. But bear in mind the need for a balanced diet.

Take second helpings if your feel you can manage it without undue distress. Rest after each meal. Get plenty of sleep, relaxation, rest, whenever possible, lying down. Drink plenty of milk. Glucose drinks are helpful too.

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