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Weight Lifting and Weight Training - Chapter 19

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Chapter Nineteen

Other Recognized Lifts

While Olympic weight lifting is the most popular form of the sport -- in fact, in many countries the three Olympic lifts are the only recognized movements -- The British Amateur Weight Lifters' Association recognizes many other feats. In fact, no less than thirty-one lifts are listed officially for the purposes of record breaking, certificates of merit, and for league and friendly contests. Only a few years ago the number was as high as forty-four.

When I first came into the sport, all-round lifting on a great variety of movements was very popular, even more so than Olympic lifting. But as the trend gradually turned towards Olympic specialization, the number of other feats practiced dwindled. This was one reason why the governing body reduced the number of official lifts.

Nowadays the great majority of lifters practice only the Olympic-three, with a gradually increasing number concentrating on the Strength Set -- the Two Hands' Curl, Bench Press, and the Squat. This set is more popular with the bodybuilder type of weight lifter, as the lifts form a basis for most bodybuilding schedules. In fact, there were introduced into B.A.W.L.A.'s official lifts about eleven years ago to attract more members to the association.

In pre-war days, and for a few years after the war, there were two sets of annual championships held -- the Olympic championships and the Amateur championships. As a means of encouraging the all-round performer, and to give more lifters a chance to win a national title, the Amateur championships were held on a different set of lifts each year.

Nowadays -- and somewhat regrettably, in my view -- the all-rounder receives little or no encouragement at all and, as many of the lifts apart from the Olympics and Strength Set are quite attractive and also very useful for all-round training and enjoyment, I feel that the governing body is wasting an opportunity of presenting to the public a phase of weight lifting that could help to attract more followers and devotees. I am thinking in particular of such lifts as the single handed Swings, Snatches and Jerks, the Two Hands Continental Jerk, among others.

It has been said by the governing body that as there is little demand for all-round lifting, it is not worth while organizing championships on such lifts. Also that there are few instructors and coaches who have practical knowledge of lifts other than the Olympic and Strength Set lifts.

There is some truth in this but they are problems that could be solved if the will to do it was there. Encouragement could be given to the all-round lifter. Instructors could be trained in the arts of some of the forgotten lifts.

In the past I have organized many open competitions on various sets of lifts and have always received good support on the way of competitors and audiences, and I am sure that a campaign directed towards encouraging practice of some of the best and most attractive of the other lifts would bring good results in both renewed interest and increased membership.

Here is a complete list of the thirty-one official B.A.W.L.A. lifts:

  1. Right Hand Press
  2. Left Hand Press
  3. Right Hand Snatch
  4. Left Hand Snatch
  5. Right Hand Swing
  6. Left Hand Swing
  7. Right Hand Clean and Jerk
  8. Left Hand Clean and Jerk
  9. Right Hand Deadlift
  10. Left Hand Deadlift
  11. Rectangular Fix
  12. Lateral Raise Standing
  13. Lateral Raise Lying
  14. Hold Out in Front Raised
  15. Hold Out in Front Lowered
  16. Pull Over at Arms Length
  17. Pullover and Press
  18. Two Hands Swing
  19. Two Hands Clean and Press Dumbbells
  20. Two Hands Clean and Jerk Dumbbells
  21. Two Hands Anyhow Dumbbells
  22. Two Hands Curl
  23. Two Hands Clean and Press Barbell
  24. Two Hands Snatch
  25. The Hands Clean and Press from Behind Neck
  26. Two Hands Clean and Jerk from Behind Neck
  27. Two Hands Clean and Jerk Barbell
  28. Two Hands Continental Jerk Barbell
  29. Two Hands Deadlift
  30. Press on Bench (Bench Press)
  31. Deep Knees' Bend (Squat)

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