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"Shoulder work has always been my favorite. I enjoy it."
-- Bill Pearl

Pat Neve and the Bench Press Bill Pearl

Pec Up the Pace - Build Pecs / Chest

Plunge in for Progress

Power Rack Training

Positive Imaging for Weight Loss

Preacher Curl Bench - The Best Way to Train Biceps

Pros and Cons of Fad Dieting

Proportion - Build Your Body to be Beautiful

Protein: Muscle Building Nutrient for Bodybuilders

Recovery Nutrition

Ronnie Coleman - Giant Sets for Weak Delts

Ron Teufel - Teenage Titan

Roland Cziurlok - No Gimmicks Bodybuilding

Role of Genetics in Bodybuilding with Steve McCloud

Russian Training Secrets - Fact Vs. Fiction

Scientific Look at Selected Calf Exercises

Secret Weapon of Successful Weight Loss

Seven Tips for Massive Arms

Shaping the Upper Body

Short and Sweet Arm Training Articles with Will Willis

Should Adolescents Bodybuild?

Shoulder Training with Terry Mitsos

Simple Steps to a Low Glycemic Diet

Simplified System of Dumbbell Training

Single Best Abs Exercise

Six Simple Steps to Catapult Your Muscle Gains

Size Or Strength

Soviet Peaking Procedure

Special Exercises For Triceps Development

Steel Claw Grip and Forearms

Stop Over Training in the Gym

Strength Training Strategies - Volume and Frequency

Strength and Weight Training for the Young Athlete

Stretching for Health

Super Recovery

The Absolute Best Way to Increase Your Vertical Leap

The Colorado Experiment

The Desire To Be On Fire

The Magic Circle for Magic Results

The Squat for Everything?

The Way to Massive Peaked Biceps

Three Simple Steps to Fat Loss

Tony Pearson's Arm Training Program

Trainng and Dietary Hints from Past Champions

Training the Mind for Bodybuilding

Training with Peter Lupus

Training with Tony Pandolfo - Mr. Apollo

Trap Bar Deadlift

Trimming That Waist

Truth About Bodybuilding Myths

Truth About Weight Loss Myths

Twisting for More Muscular Sides - Obliques

Under-Grip Bent-over Row for Lat Development

Using Calories for Weight Loss

Using Supplements for Weight Loss

Value of Warming Up and Stretching

Watching Tony Emmott Train Chest

Weight Lifting and Weight Training

Weight Loss Strategies

What's Your Body's Destiny?

What Are Your Aims in Weight Training?

When Pigs Fly

Winning Tactics For Giving Up The Diet

Why You Shouldn't Be Using These Exercises In The Gym

Willie Johnson - "Mr. Back"

Women and Weight Training

Workouts and Diets of the Bodybuilding Champions

Workout Without A Gym

X-Rep Static Contraction Training

York Abdominal Course

You Can Build Massive Arms

You Must Have Sufficient Rest & Sleep



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