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"Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer."
-- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Effective Thigh Building Routine  

Editorial - How Many Reps?

Easy Steps To Avoid Gym Rage

Easily Substitute Fats in Your Everyday Diet

Eight Week Routine to New Abs

Fat Weight Loss For Special Occasions

Fatigue and Recovery

For Rugged Strength and Muscle Size

Forced Reps - An Exciting Variation on an Old Principle

Four Sure Fire Tips for Weight Loss

From Pompons to Barbells & Dumbbells - Astrid Falconi

Gain Weight the Natural Way

Get Lazy for Maximum Muscle Gains

Get the Answers From the Champs

Get Up Front...The Back Way

Growth Hormone - A Scientific Study

Gut the Rut

Hack Squat - The Way The Old-timers Did It

Hard Work On Basic Exercises

Head to Head - Deltoid Training

Hiking, Biking & Bodybuilding

High Reps for Growth

How I Gained 18 Lbs. of Muscle

How Much Training Do You Need?

How Muscles Perform Work

How Steve Michalik Trained

How To Build Hardcore Muscle in the Corner of Your Bedroom

How To Make Records in the Bench Press

How To Use Straps for Greater Power

Ian Lawrence - Mr. Universe 1975

Intensity Training for Figure Shaping

Is Power Training for Women?

Is Our Food Safe?

Is Your Fat Being Threatened?

I Put 3 Inches On My Calves

In the War for Muscles There is No Detente

Is It Worth The Price?

Leg Extensions, the Knee, and Pain Reduction - the TRUTH

Lower Body Logic from Lenda Murray

Machine-Free Calf Training

Marty Vranicar and His Training

Maximum Growth and Recuperation

Maximum Triceps Development

Max Rest Pause Principle

Metabolic Work

Mike Mentzer's Training Invention

Mike Mentzer - Exercise - Religion or Science?

Milk - The Super Bodybuilder

Mind Control for Recuperation

Multi-Angle Delt Training with Mike Ashley

Multi-angular Training for Full Development

Muscle Beach - The Real Story

Muscle Building Dumbbell Program

Muscle Visualization

Negative Ions and Their Effect on Bodybuilding

My Experience With Weight Gain

My First Half Century in the Iron Game - Arthur Jones

Optimal Eccentrics




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