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Special Exercises For Triceps Development
by Achilles Kallos - 1971

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When most bodybuilders think of arm training, they invariably consider mainly biceps exercises, with little consideration to the more important triceps. Owing to the fact that the triceps constitute 3/4 of the size of the upper arms, it stands to reason that more work on this section will increase the arm rapidly.

Many weightlifters, especially good Olympic pressers, have fine triceps development. Bodybuilders are inclined to shun pressing movements; all they seem to do for the triceps are extension and pulley pushdowns. These are undoubtedly good tricep exercises but consideration must also be given to presses of all varieties. Let us consider exercises to fully develop the triceps.

I know some top physique men who have developed their triceps mainly through presses. Standing press with barbell affects them, and I like seated dumbbell press as well. All types of bench presses, especially with close grip, stimulate the triceps.

These are favorites of many, but the exercises must be done strictly and slowly. you can easily injure the elbow area if you drop the weight suddenly. Keep the elbow pointed upwards throughout the movement. There are quite a few variations.

Barbell extensions, either lying down or seated. When done with dumbbell there is a slightly different effect. As a variation, when lying, push the weight (or kick) backwards. One arm dumbbell extension seated, is and exercise that pumps the triceps. Keep your elbow close to your head throughout the exercise.

Tricep pulley pushdown is a great exercise. Elbows kept at your sides when doing the exercise, and do not let them move forward. Single handle tricep pushdown whilst bending forward affects them another way. Tricep kickback with dumbbell whilst bent forward cramps the triceps and will help define them.

Two exercises I favor, that affect the complete triceps and will add much size to them are the tricep dip with feet elevated, and parallel bar dips. The main reason why they bulk up the triceps is because you can handle a lot of weight in these exercises.

I like to finish my triceps exercise with one of these terrific movements. Actually, my favorite triceps exercise is the hand stand press up. Unfortunately, for the last year I have not been able to this outstanding exercise because of an elbow injury sustained through wrestling.

Your final consideration is planning a tricep routine. I suggest three exercises, with 5 sets and 8 - 10 repetitions each. Every six weeks substitute them with different exercises.

  • Press - either close grip bench press or seated dumbbell press.
  • Extensions - lying or seated, barbell or dumbbell.
  • Parallel bar dips or tricep dips.

When next considering an arm specializing routine, do at least two tricep exercises to every bicep one you do, and you will have little trouble increasing your arms.

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