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Diversity of Ideas
by Eric's Gym - 2005

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The search for the perfect workout is as elusive as the search for the perfect anything. Even the search for meaning in life can refer to whatever's at the core of our needs at the moment. The key to a productive life - or workout or relationship - is to stay open to change.

Embracing the ever-shifting sands of life should be seen as a game of experiences. As someone once said, "You can't gain from experiences you aren't having." I hear a lot black-and-white statements, such as, "This is the only way to train." It's either all bad or all good - the you're-wrong-I'm-right attitude. If that's the posture, dialogue is impossible and so is the growth of experience. The strong opinions of others are great if you use them to stimulate your own thinking and allow a philosophical shift that may increase your understanding.

Recently, I had a discussion with Gary, a personal trainer and philosopher, about a mutual friend who can charitably be described as a megalomaniac*. This guy is always right on every subject - in his own mind. What I particularly liked about Gary's take on our friend was that, yes, he was an obnoxious so-and-so, but Gary found the encounters stimulating.

Gary is smart enough and has sufficient self-awareness to appreciate what is useful about the relationship and simply ignores the rest. In contrast, another person who was involved in the discussion said the he doesn't talk to our friend anymore, because the discussions always lead to rage. He was talking about the same megalomaniac, but Gary sees interaction with this person for what it is and uses the mental stimulation, while the other guy simply walks away from the experience.

There's a lot of dogmatism in the world of bodybuilding. Your point of view is always created by both your experience and where you're standing at a given moment. There are literally hundreds of training concepts and nutritional philosophies in our world. Do I agree with every bodybuilding article that I publish on No way. Which articles do I feel are useful? That changes with my own experience. Sometimes the routine or concept appeals to me intellectually but doesn't prove itself in practice - for me.

Most people are looking for the answer. They prefer to be told what the answer is rather than to weigh the evidence, try out the concept and evaluate the result.

I get many emails asking for the one final workout or nutrition concept that will end the reader's quest for perfection. Those folks miss the point. The quest is essentially the center of the process. The person who tells you he had the only possible answer to your problem is being dogmatic. It's a dead end for him but not for you if you understand the potential of being open to other opinions. Being skeptical but inquisitive and experimental is the key.

This web site is an open forum for nutrition and training ideas. Some are unproved by science but validated by the experience of at least one person, the writer; others are backed by scientific research but may not be effective for everyone. We publish a diversity of ideas because I feel it's essential to our position as a leader in bodybuilding training to be a nonjudgmental open forum.

This idea obviously makes some people uneasy. is for the thinking bodybuilder, and its vision is to stimulate growth in all areas of your life. The possibility of a new thought or a better way of doing or seeing or feeling is tremendously exhilarating. I believe that this exhilaration is the only way to stay enthused about your workouts and your life.-- Eric

* megalomaniac - an unnaturally great desire for power and control, or the belief that you are very much more important and powerful than you really are.


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