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Blast Those Calves to Greater Size
by Jim McLellan- 1971

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We bring you here a new system for working the calves that is guaranteed to bring results if performed right, as developed by Jim McLellan of Denver. Jim is a Golf Professional at the Mountain View Golf Course, who likes to train with weights, and has an outstanding physique.

Jim always had difficulty with his calves and felt they were much below par, but though the tried every system he could discover, he seemed to get no results at all.

By experimentation and analysis he developed the system we are about to describe to you and in two months he put 1 1/2 inches on his calves.

Other men to the gym began to become interested, and Ray Tipton (who has won many physique contests) who hadn't gained on his caves in then years, put 1 inch on his calves in six weeks. Ron Osse, Bruce Smith (who posed for the exercise photos) and Don Lamp, all put two inches on their calves in three months. Others made similar gains and as far as we have been able to determine, no system heretofore discovered has ever been able to work such miracles with the tough calf muscles for they are known to be the most difficult of all muscles to develop. Like Ray Tipton, many of the top physiques of the country have tried in vain to improve their calves; this being their weakest posing body part. We have observed that every Mr. America contest or Mr. Universe contest had many men whose physiques are ruined by poor calves. Many of these fellows have worked very hard but not correctly, on their calves, to no avail.

Many reasons are given for the calves being hard to develop. We do not fully ascribe to many of them. It is difficult to say exactly why they do not grow easier. Many authorities state emphatically that the calves are used so much that the muscles become tough and will not respond to the usual exercises. Others claim that lots of walking keeps the calves trained down so they cannot gain. Many other similar reasons are given -- similar in that none of them are accurate but all my have some truth in them. All we are concerned with just now is that we have a system that seems to give unbelievable results. In other words you won't believe it until you try it and see for yourself.

Mr. McLellan has used a combination of the "Rest Pause System," the "Burns," the "Super Sets," and what have you, in a combination that literally forces the calf muscles to grow. We will try to tell you exactly how this system is used and as described to us my Mr. McLellan. If this seems a little complicated at first, read it over again until it becomes clear, for it is very important that the movements be performed in exactly the right style, sequence and timing.

This system will give you that deep down ache and soreness that makes you realize that something is happening to your calf muscles. No matter how heavy a calf program you have been on, if you do this one right you will feel it.

You will need a standing calf machine or Smith machine, as a barbell alone will not work with this training routine. You will also need a 4-inch block on which to do the toe raises. This block should be nailed to a large board to prevent it from turning over during the exercises. Now we start the routine. Observe every instruction carefully.

Start with a weight which will permit you to do just 15 repetitions correctly -- very strictly and smoothly. Your first exercise is the standard toe raise. Up as high as possible until your calf almost cramps -- try to get higher, then lower clear down and stretch the calves. Try to go clear down -- you may not make it at first, but after a workout or two your calf muscles will stretch so you can. Full range movements are important. Don't hurry these -- feel it all the way.

Now stand on one foot and raise the other and shake it with muscles relaxed so they can flop as you shake them. Then shake the other leg, then the first one, then the other -- two shakes with each leg. This loosens the muscles and lets the blood flow. This should take no more than 8 seconds. Immediately do 8 more reps of the toe raises, then the same leg shakes, then 8 more reps and the same leg shakes, then 8 more reps, this time omitting the leg shakes.

Immediately after the last sets, and with no rest, do what bodybuilders have learned to call the "burns." In this instance you do short range movements in the middle range of movements. These are fast and bouncy. Do this until the calves really ache. In doing these you should actually bounce off the block slightly and come down with the force of the body. Just spring off the block and come down on those calf muscles with a crash. Actually your toes don't leave the block but your weight leaves the toes for a fraction of a second and then they crash down against those calf muscles. After a little of this, your calf muscles will scream for rest but they don't get it, for without rest, go into the more advanced stages of your exercises as follows. Go up on both feet and while in the high position, take one foot off the block and slowly lower yourself to the other foot. In other words you go up on two feet and come down on one foot. Now go up on two feet and come down on the foot opposite the foot you came down on the first time. Continue this for 10 to 20 reps depending on what you can stand. This is one set.

After a short rest go through this whole routine again for another set. I mean from beginning to end. Do not rest over five minutes from one set to the next. During the rest massage the calf muscles lightly and shake the legs to loosen them up.

Do the above for two weeks. After two weeks you will add the following to each set. After finishing the above (the two up and one down routine) do another set of the 'burns' (the short range, bouncy movements) then immediately go into the 2 up 1 down routine. This addition to the routines makes this exercise terrific.

Jim says, "I feel this 2 up and 1 down routine right after the "burns' is the key to the whole thing and must be done exactly as described for best possible results."

The above routine should be sufficient for the first two or three months. If you cease to gain then you may add another set. We suggest though, that after 2 or 3 months on this routine, you give the calves a rest, then go on it again. Happy training!

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