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Better Deltoids for a Finished Physique
by Achilles Kallos - 1972

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Well developed deltoids will offset the upper body and make it look balanced. I have never seen overdeveloped deltoid muscles. Very few bodybuilders have them well developed, yet you often see over-developed pecs and arms, especially on shorter men. If you had to work harder on your deltoids, then you would find your arms and upper back being strongly affected. As a matter of fact, you most probably would have larger arms after deltoid specialization.

Elias Petsas, the 1970 Mr. Greece and 1971 Mr. Republic of South Africa (now living in South Africa) has outstanding deltoids. His deltoid muscles are fully developed and the three sections, anterior, lateral and posterior are will proportioned. In most cases the front deltoid muscles (anterior) are well developed because of intensive pectoral training done (bench presses, etc. affect them strongly) but, the other two groups are usually under par. This is due to the fact that little direct work is done on these neglected groups. Too many bodybuilders spend most of their training period and energy doing countless sets of chest and arm exercises and they do not devote enough time to training the deltoids. As the deltoids cannot become overdeveloped in relation to the other parts of the body and that they affect other muscle groups it is important that you spend more time training them.

Those guys who already have pretty good pecs and arms will benefit if they concentrate more on the deltoids. As the deltoids comprise three different sections at least three exercises must be done to completely develop them.

Elias Petsas likes to work hid deltoids hard and gives them concentrated thought. Elias has his favorite., as I am sure you do. He has found them result producing and should prove beneficial to others as well. As he does adequate chest exercises that affect the anterior (front) deltoids, his main concern is to fully develop the side and back sections. One of his favorite exercises is the one arm dumbbell press seated. In my opinion, the one arm dumbbell press is about the toughest deltoid exercise. It is a strenuous movement, particularly if you do it as strictly as Elias does. Keep your elbows sideways; this will put the strain on the lateral section. Elias does many sets, up to six, and starts with ten repetitions increasing the weight each set. When the weight gets very heavy he automatically does less repetitions. He works up to 120 lb. dumbbells in this fashion,. This method really flushes the deltoid.

Another favorite exercise is the barbell press behind neck. Strict movements are done, controlling the weight both ways for added resistance. In other words, lowering the barbell slowly behind the neck and not just dropping it after completing the press. The same method is used, ten reps to start and working up to heavy weights (over 200 lbs.) employing less repetitions.

Now leverage exercises are done after making full use of the important pressing movements just described. Dumbbell side laterals when done correctly are terrific deltoid builders. Slightly bent arms, raising your arms sideways overhead and lowering as slowly as possible is the main theme here. Ten to fifteen reps for six sets with dumbbells ranging from 30 lbs. to 60 lbs. No cheating of any sort. After all, the stricter you do this one the more it is going to affect the deltoids.

The posterior deltoids (rear) are in most cases the neglected muscles. They are very seldom on a par with the other two groups. Elias does not neglect them and does a lot bent forward dumbbell lateral raises. He ensures that strict movements are done once again and makes every effort to lower the dumbbell slowly in this position. It is much more difficult to control and lower dumbbells in the bent forward position and that is why you will find that you cannot use heavy weights hare. Six sets, ten to fifteen reps working up to 50 lbs. dumbbells is what Elias does. Four exercises are recommended and it is suggested that you do them first in your upper body program. This will ensure that they get their fair share of training. If you do other exercises first you may be too tired to give your deltoids the work they need. Rather do less chest and arm training and concentrate more on the deltoids - they can take it I can assure you.

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