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Are You An Average Bodybuilder?
by A. R. Antrobus - 1971

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The dictionary defines the term "average' as meaning "medium or ordinary." It is with the medium or ordinary bodybuilder in mind that I write this article.

The men in the know in this bodybuilding game of ours, often tell us that we all fall into one of three categories; these being Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Taken individually, a beginner is the fellow who is still in his first year of bodybuilding. He is the one who is in the process of learning the rudimentary essentials of building muscle.

Intermediate - The intermediate is the one who has been training for more than a year; the guy who has the knowledge but is still making it work for him.

Advanced - The advanced bodybuilder is the champion; the guy who knows all the answers and has the experience to back up his knowledge. He is the guy who has reached the top of the tree.

I am not concerning myself with either the beginner or the advanced bodybuilder. As I said at the beginning of this article, I am concerning myself with the average, or intermediate, bodybuilder.

I have been training for five years. Even after this period of time I still consider myself only an intermediate bodybuilder. I believe that for every one champion there are ten thousand or more average bodybuilders.

To be a champion in bodybuilding requires 100% effort, both mental and physical. How many persons, dear reader, do you know who have the "guts" or will power, or potential, to become a bodybuilding "great."

You have only to pick up a "muscle mag" to see that the Bill Pearls, the Reg Parks, the Larry Scotts of the game trained day in and day out, literally eating , breathing, sleeping, bodybuilding every hour of the day.

Make no mistake, there is no easy way to reach the top. If you have the intention of becoming another Sipes or Oliva, you will have to resign yourself to the fact that your whole existence will have to be tailored toward this end. I, for one, do not think that I have the mental or physical capabilities to become a champion.

My own training takes me 1 to 1 1/2 hours 4 times weekly. This, I have found, is the limit of time I am prepared, or want, to spend on bodybuilding. Any more than this becomes a "chore." I have found that if my schedules are long and arduous I brood all day over the approaching workout and I can literally "think" my way into a bad headache that will prevent me from training.

It is my contention that when you reach such a stage in bodybuilding, then, brother, you might as well "call it a day."

Not so long ago I became disgusted with my progress. I wrote to one of the top authorities in the game. This guy, an ex-champion, works for one of the bodybuilding magazines. He granted me an interview. I came away from the interview full of enthusiasm. Yes, this was the turning point. With this schedule I was going to be one of the "space age champs." My days as as an also-ran were over. Boy, was I surprised!

I started the schedule at 6:00 PM and at 8:00 P.M. I was still not half way through. I figured there and then that if this was how the champs got that way, then they could have it for me!

Since that time I have trained using moderation as a by-word,. It was through using moderate methods that my arms reached 16" and my chest 45"

I have tried using "super-duper blasting" methods and found that by the end of 2 weeks I had "burned out." These methods were not for me.

I believe that a champion owes it to his fans to train hard and stay up there at the top. As for me, I'm an average bodybuilder. I train to please myself, no-one else. I know that I will never reach the top but I know that I enjoy my training and that I'll be happy to continue training until I leave this earth

.It is human nature to envy persons who are better than ourselves, but keep this in its proper perspective.

Mr. Average Bodybuilder, unless you possess the attributes that enable you to become a champion, why not relax and enjoy your training. Don't spend all of your time in the gymnasium. You will probably find that your progress will be just a good if you train moderately and I believe that, as in my own case,your enthusiasm will remain high and you will look forward to each workout.

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